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The Wolf has gone!

Farewell my wolf

Your dear friend has gone
This mostly was your fault
You could be both undone
But only he was called

His cry won't tear the night,
You could not heal his sour
You will not take a fight together anymore

Farwest Emo

Godfather send a sign,
I am another beast
I am precise and calm
I came from farwer east.



First of all I want to thank Ladkaladka for the opportunity to start the first collective Zelenograd's blog in English.
This is a great place to practice your writting skills and get a valuable comment to improve.
Native speackers are VERY wellcomed.

Fell free to schedule a meeting to speak English in a friendly atmosphere with a post.

This is Zelenograd FM

Only English is allowed in posts and comments. All cyrillic text will be removed.